The workshop was able to maintain very positive energy and my experience was excellent. Hymn Wellness teaching was to focus on pain and allow it to leave your body, I like this concept. I learn very new relaxation techniques that I can do in a short period of time to cam my self, I would like to recommend this workshop everyone in my network. One more thing I like the workshop was very informative and professional. Thanks to Hymn Wellness

Mindy Dickens, CA

This was my first workshop to learn holistic way to heal mind body and soul. I felt very good after workshop. I learn new breathing techniques. It was whole new world for me before. Hymn Wellness introduction of mind body connection was eye opening for me. I would like to recommend everyone this workshop.


The workshop was a good reminder to exercise and relax myself. The best thing I learn from workshop is to slow down. the workshop showed very simple tips that I can do to relieve stress and anxiety. I learn that I need to make stress reduction and exercise regular habit. I was too complicated for me before. Now it's very simple. Also I like the emphasis on health and relaxsation and stress reduction on daily bases. Thank you Hymn Wellness for taking time to show these simple way of living.

Mark Green, CA

Workshop demonstrated relaxation techniques in a very simple way. The workshop was excellent where I learn unique breathing techniques. The workshop was very beneficial for me as a reminder to keep my self fit with very easy way in to my busy life. I learn that make my lifestyle simple with small changes will bring peace and much more. I would like to recommend this workshop everyone. Thanks to Hymn Wellness for their services.

Mija Yen, CA

I have excellent experience in pain relief workshop. I am so impressed Hymn Wellness simple way of teaching taking timeout during the workday to relax. It was very good for making the effect to heal my "Inside" in the workshop. I learn, I need to develop a habit for internal "Tune-up". I would like to recommend all busy professionals friends who never have time for themselves. It perfect for office environment. Thank You Hymn Wellness.

 Charles, CA

Thank you Hymn Wellness for teaching very simple way to take short breaks and release tensions was very helpful for me. It was a good learning how importance is to remind yourself for taking short breaks during the course of the day, another important thing I learn that I have energy Within and that can be use to heal myself. I will always recommend this informative and to-the-point workshop to my friends and family. Thanks Hymn Wellness

Juli Cheng, CA